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History of the Friends of Pastorius Park

Pastorius Park at its completion in 1935 was a gem of American pastoral park design. Fifty years later it was in serious decline. Beginning in early 1987 there were stirrings of a renovation, but these involved extensive security lighting and the introduction of paved pathways. Community response was immediate and emphatic: no lights, no asphalt. That spring, with the considerable support and encouragement of Dr. George Woodward’s granddaughter, Quita Woodward Horan, a core group of neighbors came together to found the Friends of Pastorius Park. For thirty-seven years the Friends have marshaled volunteers, fund-raised, and taken responsibility for maintaining and improving the park. 

“A park is a work of art, designed to produce certain effects upon the mind of men. There should be nothing in it absolutely nothing—not a foot of surface nor a spear of grass—which does not represent study, design [and] sagacious consideration…”​ —Frederick Law Olmsted

Mission & Vision

The Friends of Pastorius Park is devoted to maintaining the park as it was originally designed to be: a passive, multi-use green space, to be used by individual park goers as such, and in compliance with City rules and regulations. We are guided by the following principles:

  • Environmental Stewardship— Protecting and maintaining a healthy environment for the plant and animal life in the park.
  • Community Participation— Allowing open access to the public for the enjoyment of all.
  • Nature in Balance— Balancing the nature of the park with the needs of the community and changing times.
  • Historic Integrity— Honoring Frederick Peck’s design and the original intent of George Woodward.
  • Operational Health— Making sure our non-profit is financially healthy for future generations.

Support & Funding

Friends of Pastorius Park is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. FoPP does not receive direct funding from the city or Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Our work relies on community support to maintain the health and safety of this historic landscape. Make a Donation Today

FoPP Board 2023-24

Tracy Gardner

James McNabb

Jenny Prince

Fabrizio Franco

John Ambrose

Ellie-Anne Chevrier

Joan Coale

Stephanie McNabb

James Querry

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