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Our Work

Friends of Pastorius Park works in partnership with the Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA), the Chestnut Hill ConservancyPhiladelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR), and many other regional partners and experts on a wide range of initiatives. FoPP funds all its improvements and repairs at Pastorius Park with tax-deductible donations, grants, and  community support.

Pond Maintenance

One of Pastorius Park’s defining features is it’s pond and waterways. Home to waterfowl, turtles, and scores of frogs, the pond is a vibrant and thriving urban ecosystem. FoPP works tirelessly to maintain this focal water feature, including but not limited to:

  • Filtration pump maintenance

  • Anti-algae treatments

  • Dredging the pond and moat of leaves, organic matter, and sediment

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Habitat Health and Restoration

The park is home to a wide range of habitats, and FoPP works year-round to ensure these natural areas are healthy and thriving for generations to come. Additionally, FoPP is actively working to restore and establish new native habitats throughout the park. This work includes:

  • Clearing invasive plant species 

  • Regular tree health and maintenance (pruning, pest treatment, arborist  work)

  • Planting new trees and shrubs beneficial to birds and other wildlife 

  • Planting flowering trees, both to enhance seasonal beauty and benefit pollinators

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Historic Preservation

Central to the FoPP mission is preserving the historic integrity of the original Olmstead-inspired design and intended use of the park as a passive green space. Preservation efforts include:

  • Maintenance of the Park’s original stone warming hut 

  • Amphitheater restoration (2021)

  • Selecting new plantings in line with Frederick Peck’s original design 

  • Working with the Chestnut Hill Conservancy


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Pastorius Park relies on community support to maintain the health and safety of this historic landscape. Your support enables FoPP to continue caring for the trees, historic plantings, water systems, and structures within the park. Show your support by making a donation today. 

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