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Remembering Paul W. Meyer

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, October 10, 2023 dear friend and revered Pastorius Park restoration advisor, Paul Meyer, passed away. This is a tragic and huge loss for not only Friends of Pastorius Park, but the horticultural community across the world.

Paul had served as the Director of Morris Arboretum for 28 years (43 years total with the organization), helping to build up a world-class arboretum, right here in Chestnut Hill. Upon his retirement, Paul became deeply involved in the work of the Friends of Pastorius Park. He offered invaluable advise on the restoration of existing habitats as well crucial planning of new plantings to preserve the park as a community green space to be enjoyed by generations to come. For this, and so many other reasons, we are grateful.

NE Woods Project Dedication

To honor Paul and continue his farsighted work at Pastorius Park, FoPP is dedicating our next major project in the park’s NE Woods to Paul as a memorial to his passion for restoring our park. The NE Woods Project will address critical updates needed to remediate stormwater management and erosion, as well as restore the woodland habitat for wildlife. In early 2023 a group of valued volunteers, along with Paul, helped to break ground on the NE Woods project by removing a substantial amount of invasive species in this area. Substantial work is needed realize this project, including securing funding and the labor

Next Steps and Support

FoPP is working with a highly regarded landscape designer (Bob Gray) and surveyor (Schock Group LLC) to conduct a thorough survey of the woods, including a complete inventory of all existing trees. This survey informs our choice of new native plantings that will benefit both wildlife and aid in the management of storm water. FoPP is aiming to begin the first stage of this ambitious project in mid-2024. Please help us further Paul’s vision of a healthy, vibrant Pastorius Park by donating to FoPP today.

Donations of $500 and above will receive a signed copy of Paul Meyer’s updated book, Philadelphia Trees: A Field Guide.

Tracy Gardner, FoPP President

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